Research and Development

Concious the role of R&D in the evolution of market competitive hybrids and other agribusiness products, the company has continued to invest heavily in R&D to augment research facilities, farm infrastructure development, and mechanization of farm operations and in human resource deployment. Such thoughtful efforts of the past are now contributing to the consolidation and sustainability of gains. The company has extended cropped area and diversified crops by adding newer ones for agri-seed business. Red gram, onion, mustard and wheat are the additions to the crop cafeteria of the company.. Furthermore, the company has successfully launched several new hybrids of sunflower, cotton and bajra in the market The product folio is also expanded for maize, rice and vegetable crops inclusive of both-hybrids and OPVs.

Sustainability Farm practices

  • As our agriculture is at the mercy of monsoon, to save the precious water company installed drip system in its farms at Gowrarum, Bejjanki and Gatla Narsingapur.
  • Field labs to enhance working efficiency of technical and scientific staff.
  • Mechanization to surmount labor shortage.

Product Development

On the product development for seed business, the company is successful in developing several market competitive hybrids

  • Cotton (Jaadoo & Jackpot) Jaadoo and Jackpot are Bt cotton hybrids with stacked genes, cry IAc & cry2Ab that help combat the bollworm pest.
  • Sunflower (Sunkranti & Champ) Champ and Sunkranti have built in resistance to SNV and DM
  • Bajara (Boss 65). The bajra hybrid Boss 65 is high yielder with attractive grain and drought enduring
  • Rice ( AK56 & KPH 9090)
  • Sorghum ( Colonel )
  • Several of our pipeline maize hybrids (25K60, KMH 3669and KMH 2700) excelled in performance in All India Coordinated trials.

Blend of Breeding and Biotechnology

At Kaveri the investment made in Biotechnology has started paying off in terms of accelerating the breeding programmes of cotton and rice. DNA profiling of our lines, use of DNA markers in genetic purity assessment and tracking the gene of interest in breeding material are some of the activities undertaken for gainful deployment of biotechnology tools in product development. In order to retain the proprietary rights on varieties, hybrids and parental lines developed by our R&D, efforts are afoot to register ~ 100 lines and hybrids owned by the company with PVP&FA till date.

In view of the enormous scope of Biotechnology applications in agriculture and agri business, the Kaveri Seed Company has forged ahead to invest liberally in establishing the state of the art Research and Development Facilities managed by qualified and trained science managers. The focus and thrust of the R& D’s Biotech programme is on two main planks

(i) Crop biotechnology (ii) Bio pesticides and Biofertilizers.

The Biotech programme envisages to introgress the transgenes into parental lines for hybrid production. The on going programme involves i)Introgression of BT gene (Bollgard incorporation in to parental lines of cotton ii) stacking two BT genes (Bollgard II) in to parental lines of cotton and develop BT cotton hybrids. The marker based DNA technology is helping in fast track development of lines through back cross breeding. Through the conjunct use of biotechnology and hybrid technology is the way forward for evolution of new generation Kaveri hybrids.